I have hit a wall with 1P functionality and I'm not organized yet.

I am having trouble here and if you could help I would greatly appreciate it.

1) I have all my web logins in 1password and they are all working great.
2) I have all of my wallet items in and they work great.

Now, what do other people do with all of the other accounts you have? Gas/electric/comcast/etc.

The thing that seems to be illogical to me is that the Accounts vault should likely hold these but I can not add things like website, phone number, etc.

I'm assuming this is my error and if you can point it out I'd greatly appreciate it!


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    Helo fishandfly,

    As you noted, our current vault templates are a bit more computer-centric than may be helpful to users like you, and I, who wish to store all of our information in one 1Password.

    At this time, there is no one option that best fits gas/electric/etc. Comcast may be the exception. I used to have a Comcast account, and I used the Internet Provider template for a while. However, since I often used my login credentials to access the site, I ended up reverting to a saved entry in the Login vault.

    We are investigating options for customizable templates, but I do not have any information to report regarding the possibility of future inclusion in 1Password. Although it may sound like an easy option to provide, the challenges revolve around the ability to sync the various templates to mobile devices.

    If you think the Safari 5.1 API imposed limitations on browser integration with 1P, I cannot overstate the limitations imposed by Apple's iOS API on desktop > iOS device integration. Consequently, the custom template functionality remains a "wish list" item for the time being.

    Regardless, we need to live in the "now", and I understand that you are looking for a current solution. Since you are aware that there are no specific templates that meet your needs, I'll offer the methods I use for the account types you mentioned.

    I access my accounts on the Internet for almost all the utility providers that I use. So, I just enter the pertinent account data into the Notes section of my saved Logins. For the few accounts that I do not access, I create a Secure Note.

    Currently, 1Password does not sync files or attachments, so I copy & paste the important data as text. Because I use Dropbox to automatically sync all my devices, I have access to any information I may need...no matter where I am.

    I'm sorry that I do not have a better answer for you at this time, but I know that we are looking into better options.


  • Brandt,
    I appreciate the reply.

    I can imagine the complexity of having custom templates for everyone as you would need an entire separate sync of information, but..

    1) Either Change or Mimic "Internet Provider" under the Accounts Vault and add complete and common "vendor" information like address, phone number, account number, website, etc.

    2) I assume login functionality for any entry into the Accounts vault must be a problematic issue, but that would be a nice benefit as everyone has a website.
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    Thanks for following up on this, fishandfly!

    For my own gas, electric, and internet providers, I simply use Logins since each one has a website to which I need access. Logins are defined by their ability to fill web forms with your credentials. Any addition information for each of these I store in the Notes field for the Login item so as not to clutter my data.

    We are still looking into custom templates.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

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