I just purchased 1Password and then went to U Tube and now am wondering I purchased the correct pack

My 1PW appears to be working quite well, however, I have a couple of queries....

I bought 1PW for$64 and think I should have purchased the Mac + Windows version, question did I buy the correct one, U Tube advised the cost as $45 I paid $64. can I have this account on my two Apple machines, Macbook Air & my Macbook Pro plus my PC.

Need to straighten this out please. I am using Utube for data to populate the site and may need a little guidance.

Also in 1Password if I have a log into an account and modify the password does this change all of 1PW log in accounts with that log in or just the one I am changing the password.


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    Hi JohnALane - Thank you for contacting us. I just sent you over an email so we can continue the discussion over there. When you get a chance, reply back my email and we can work on this together. Talk to you soon and have a great day.

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