Include New Wallet Identity Type

The wallet item types could be modified to include pilot's license. This license is enough different from Drivers or Outdoor that it would require its own fields for data entry

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    Hi @Nhiall_Ayr,

    Thanks for writing in.

    Wallet has been phased out a few years ago, 1Password 4 kept it for backward compatibility but we no longer support either Wallet or Account groupings.

    What you can do for the moment is use Secure Notes to create a blank pilot license template with custom fields that you want to use. Once you save this, you can right-click on it to duplicate it to fill the data in for each pilot license if you want to do this.

    For the near future, we're trying out custom templates where you could create your own templates with their own icons and share this with other folks. This is currently in the beta stage of development for Teams but we hope to bring it over to the rest of plans in the near future.

  • Wow...that was a quick (and useful) wonder I like 1 password so much! : )

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    I'm glad I was able to help and let us know if there's anything else we can do for you!

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