Adding multiple Family logins within app

It seems that one cannot currently add multiple accounts to the 1Password app if they are part of the same Family. I maintain some other Family members' (kids, elderly) accounts, too, including personal vaults, if they have a problem. It makes sense for security purposes to keep these vaults personal by default and only access them directly when needed.

One can do this by logging into the web interface using the other member's credentials, which may be cumbersome, because switching accounts in the browser requires entering the account key (autofill does not work on purpose, as discussed elsewhere). It may also sometimes be more convenient to do so from within the app, which has features (e.g. better search) not currently available in the web version.

Are there plans to add support for multiple Family logins within the 1Password app?

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  • FrankFrank

    Team Member

    Hi @Markus73 - Great question! As of right now you can't switch between user accounts but it's an interesting idea. A couple of customers have brought this up before and I will make sure to add your suggestions to the feature request. I don't have a timeline to provide you with but it would be a nice feature so I agree with you there. We would have to really look into how this would impact security and privacy. Right now, the only solution is to create multiple user accounts on your Mac or you can log into the web interface as you mentioned. We appreciate the feedback and I will make sure to mention this to the team. Thank you for sharing your experience and enjoy the rest of your day!

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