Problems creating a login for Japan Post Bank

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  • Hoping this is the right thread. I'm having some problems creating a functional login for this login page (Japan Post Bank). It's a 2-step process with a 3-field "customer number" followed by a separate password input screen. I can't seem to create a login that works for the whole process. Grateful for any advice!

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    Hi @owa,

    Thanks for writing in - I've been able to create a Login item using the following process however it will only fill in the details on the first page of the Login - nothing is filled in the second page. Does this match what you see?


  • Thank you for looking into this, @matthew_ag -- that's exactly right, however I was able to make a separate login entry for the second screen as suggested by the help box at the bottom of the page you linked to.
    Multiple entries work fine; I was curious since 1Password handles other multi-page logins so well.

  • Hi @owa,

    This requires a bit of an explanation of the history. A Login item was designed to allow a user to fill in a single page. The web form details section of a Login item allows the Login item to store a description, again, for a single page. While we do have a certain level of success with multi-page logins it does require that the first page asks for just the username and the second page asks for just the password. The reason why is we have one strategies that attempt to work with pages in general where the page asks for one of the following

    • The username and password.
    • Just the username.
    • Just the password.

    These are generic strategies which have a pretty good success rate but rely on single designated fields for filling. If the first page requires 3 fields to fill that requires a very specific strategy but this strategy is disallowed if the web form details doesn't match correctly. When you update the Login item to include the password it alters the web form details, disallowing the required strategy. This is why two Login items, one per page are working for you but you've found no success with the approaches to create the multi-page Login item.

    With all of this said, there is still a possibility but I managed to hit the very small window it seem where the page is not accessible. I will have to report back later. If you don't hear from me please ping me like you did Matthew as I confess I do sometimes have a lousy memory and seem to let myself get distracted.

  • @littlebobbytables @matthew_ag Thank you both for the fantastic support -- this is really reassuring!

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    Likewise, thanks for your patience! Hopefully we'll be able to find a solution. :)

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