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Hi there,

I have some feedback I'd like to share.

Sometimes we are asked to specify certain characters from a password, e.g. the 3rd, 5th, 13th characters. The large type view numbers the characters which is helpful but it does still require effort to find each character in turn. It would be really helpful if 1Password could read the form and automatically fill in the characters or if the user could at least type something like 3, 5, 13 to have the 3rd, 5th and 13th characters displayed by 1Password. This is just something that's been bothering me because I need to log in to sites like this a lot.

Also, it would be great if you could consider putting 'large type' and 'view' as buttons next to 'copy' rather than as part of a drop down list. I understand why you've put them in a drop down list but it's just quite annoying to have to click an extra time (I'm quite lazy :)). It would feel more seamless if the button was already there and ready to click.

Could you please also consider incorporating a keyboard shortcut for automatically filling in personal identity information (name, address email address, etc.)? It's frustrating to have to click through the 1Password interface every time I want to do this so I've actually switched to using my browser's built in autofill feature.

One final thing: additional lines for home addresses. I've been waiting years for this and it still hasn't arrived. It's really strange it hasn't because here in the UK I always see 2-3 lines for the house name / street, a line for town, and one for postcode. I never see just 1 line for house name / street in a form yet 1Password only supports 1 line!! Maybe it's not an issue outside of the UK, I'm not sure, but surely this extra line isn't too difficult to incorporate – I'm sure a lot of your users are based in the UK and would really benefit from this.

I hope you can consider all of this.

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  • matthew_agmatthew_ag 1Password Alumni

    Hey @m4rouf,

    Thanks for your great feedback - we love hearing these kinds of suggestions. Let me comment on your suggestions one-by-one:

    Filling Partial Passwords in a Login Form
    This is certainly becoming more common for websites especially banks. I have to do this myself when logging into one of my checking accounts and it can be a pain. We received a lot of requests for this feature in the past. We thought it would be a wonderful idea to fill these out too however we found that implementing form filling for this was incredibly complex given the huge variety in how websites implement this kind of web form. For example, the digits or characters requested are random, so 1Password first has to determine which characters they are based on the web page. The HTML describing the fields themselves usually don't specify the index of the character that is requested. So 1Password would have to determine the index based on text on the web page. The way the character indexes are presented to user are not very common in the same way that a username and password fields are. In addition, the field names and IDs in the HTML that describe these web forms are often randomized in the name of security. This means if 1Password remembers the name or ID initially of the fields the first time a user fills, then the next time 1Password encounters that webpage, the names or IDs of the fields don't match.

    As a compromise we introduced the "large type" view as you found and use today. As you know, when you view a password using "large type" it includes the index number for each character in the password for quick reference when filling out these kinds of fields. So far we have found that this has been a great balance and works for pretty much all these kinds of web forms. I'm sorry we don't have a way to do this, perhaps in the future we will introduce something a smarter but for now I think we have a good workaround that seems to work for most people.

    ref: OPM-1720

    _Putting 'large type' and 'view' as buttons next to 'copy' _
    This is a great suggestion! More clicks is always bad and we can certainly do better here. Thank you for idea :chuffed:

    A Keyboard shortcut for filling Identity information
    While this is a good idea, I'm not sure how it would work. With a Login item, it contains a website field with URL so the Login item is associated with a website. 1Password can make a clear choice about which Login item to use from all the list of Login items when the Cmd \ Keyboard Shortcut is used. An Identity item on the other hand isn't tied to a website URL. If you just had a single Identity item then you would have a single keyboard shortcut that would always choose the same Identity item but what would happen if you had multiple Identity items?

    On our 1Password apps today, if you open the 1Password Mini and begin typing the title of your Identity item it will appear in the search results and you can use the keyboard's Down key to then select that item and hit the Enter key to fill. Perhaps that might serve as an alternative to a keyboard shortcut for you?

    Additional lines for Home Addresses
    This is a good suggestion too - I have moved from Ireland to Canada recently and have certainly found that Canadian and American addresses are a lot more compact than Irish ones as they have way fewer lines (and as you say UK ones). My home address in Ireland has 6 lines for example if you include the country.

    We have added your vote for this feature to our feature tracking system. I can't guarantee that it will happen unfortunately but hopefully your vote will help with the prioritization of work in the future :chuffed:

    I really appreciate that you took the time to write into us. While I'm sorry that I can't promise that those changes will be made I'll never say never. Feature requests like these have often been the source of really great ideas that have made their way into 1Password so we really do love hearing them!

    Thanks again & regards,

  • m4roufm4rouf
    edited February 2017

    Hi @matthew_ag,

    Thank you for the detailed reply! That explains a lot. One quick suggestion for a workaround:
    A button (next to large type / view) called 'character selection'. Clicking it brings up a quick interface where users can simply type in which characters the website is asking for, e.g. 3, 6, 7, 14. 1Password then automatically fills in the characters without having to be able to read the webpage. Beats having to go large view and manually find each character one by one :).

    With regards to identity-filling, I thought most people only stored their own identity in 1Password (and kept everyone else's in their phone contacts?). Regardless, perhaps a default identity could be assigned so that 1Password knows what to fill. I often have multiple login details for a specific website, e.g. multiple Gmail accounts, and a list is shown when I hit the shortcut from which I can select what I need. Perhaps something similar to this could be done for identities? I didn't know I could search for my identity (I thought I could only search for login accounts) so that's helpful to know. I still do think a keyboard shortcut would be much quicker/easier, though.

    Thanks for considering the extra address line suggestion. I really hope you can get this put into place soon!

    All the best,


  • matthew_agmatthew_ag 1Password Alumni

    Hey @m4rouf,

    You're very welcome. That suggestion for the popup interface to ask the user for which letters they wish to enter is a great one - thanks for sharing it :chuffed:

    As regards Identities filling, I have found it useful myself to have one for my home address and work address as I do have to fill out my both addresses reasonably often for deliveries. The suggestion for specifying a default one certainly would be handy to allow a keyboard shortcut though.

    Thanks again for taking the time to write up those suggestions. Hopefully we can improve the usability here in the future for you to ease your workflow.

    Best regards,

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