Firefox extension in Windows 10 doesn't work 99% of the time



I have a 1Password Team account. Previously, I've been using the non-subscription paid macOS & iOS apps and I've migrated to let my partner use a password manager. However, it seems to not work correctly for her.

She uses iOS & Windows 10 (with Firefox) and the iOS app seems to work fine so far; the problem is Windows 10 + Firefox. When we clicked on the 1Password extension icon it asked us to authorize the browser. The authorization popup showed up on the screen with a matching code so we authorized. However, the page that asked for authorization showed then a message:

"Looking for the 1Password helper
The 1Password helper must be running for the extension to work properly."

which hasn't disappeared for a few minutes so we closed the page and the extension seemed to work. However, now my partner noticed that 1Password doesn't seem to work for her (as she doesn't recall any popups when she logged in to saved sites) and when I checked it turns out the extension claims it's not connected to the 1Password instance. Reinstalling the extension didn't help so we followed the authorization flow once again but, again, it ended up with the message that I pasted above. The extension seemed to work then again but, of course, it stopped again.

Clicking on the 1Password icon in Firefox now does absolutely nothing. The extension is, therefore, useless as I can't expect her to follow the authorization steps over & over again.

My partner doesn't have any third party anti-virus installed, only the default Windows 10 one (Defender) that was built-in so there shouldn't be anything to interfere.

EDIT: I've sent an email about that to [email protected] 2 weeks ago but so far I only received an automated response.

1Password Version: 6.3.359d
Extension Version: 4.6.1
OS Version: Windows 10 (all updates installed)
Sync Type: 1Password Family


  • Hello @mgol,

    I apologise for the lengthy delay you've experienced when emailing us. We are slowly getting round to answering everybody but the level of queries has been outstripping our ability to answer in a timely fashion. As every email is answered by somebody knowledgeable about 1Password it isn't easy to just add more support we don't use scripts of any kind which means people with a deep understanding of how the software works.

    Using the email address you used here in the forums I've found the email you sent in. As we will likely need to look at a diagnostic report we'll continue the conversation over email and hopefully solve the issue.

    ref: FTS-18799-594

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