Amex Bank login problem on 1 of 3 accounts

My Computer: iMac running macos 10.12.3.
1Password version 6.6.1
Website I'm trying to log into :

Let me start by saying I am using 1Password on approx 100 different accounts about 15 of which are financial institutions. I have had no problems except Amex Bank.

Here is the problem:

I can successfully log into 2 of my 3 Amex Bank Accounts using the above website. I do have to click login on the website to advance to a login page. And then click on my 1password Amex bank listing in 1Password mini. which autofills user id and password perfectly. This works on 2 of the accounts. The third account I try to log into using the exact same procedure with the exact same web address return the bank alert "The User Name and Password combination you provided is not valid" ( i copied and pasted the same address into 1password's website field on each of my !password Amex bank login files. The other two work perfectly. I verified username and password of the non responsive account. If I copy and paste manually from 1Password, the login items work just fine for that account. I cannot figure out why the different behavior with this one account. The problem seems to be autofilling versus just copy and paste. But why does the autofill work on two of the three since everything is identical??? Can you help??

PS. 1Password rocks. It has made life easy and much more secure. Just a few little bumps in the road every so often. Probably me.


1Password Version: 6.6.1
Extension Version: 4.6.3
OS Version: macOS 10.12.3
Sync Type: Dropbox
Referrer: forum-search:amex bank login problem


  • Hello @passw0rdsafet,

    How a Login item is created can affect how it may fill. The reason for this is we have a number of filling strategies, all of which are evaluated to determine the best approach to take with any given page. Can I ask, what happens if you create a new Login item using the credentials from the broken one and you use the steps outlined on our page "How to save a Login manually in your browser" ( to create this new item. Does the new item work any better than the old one?

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