Current customer. Family day special.


How can existing Family users take advantage of the excellent Family Day Special ?


  • FrankFrank

    Team Member

    Hi Glenda, - I just sent you over an email so we can continue our conversation since this is a public forum. I rather not discuss any private information relating to your account. Reply back to me when you can and I will do my best to help out :-)

    ref: WEQ-16694-651

  • I too have an issue. I sent an email last week. I have a single user trial and a family trial. I would like to turn my trial into a subscription and convert to family. Can you help me too?

  • RomanRoman 1Password Alumni

    @rjg123 - I just replied to the email you sent us. Let's continue our conversation there! :)

    ref: IXR-83245-264

  • If I sign up now, do I get the family day discount still? It's unclear from the subscribe page

  • RomanRoman 1Password Alumni

    Hi @lemi - The promotion was limited to the Canadian Family Day weekend. It's not available anymore, I'm afraid.

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