Place to understand as opposed to years using standalone versions.



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    @three-cushion Thanks. Looking into it right away! I'll get back to you via email. I'm sure we can figure this out! :)

    ref: CQD-51982-766

  • three-cushionthree-cushion Junior Member

    Well!! I've done it!!!
    Kudos to AgileBits!! You stuck w/ my sometimes crazy queries.
    Special thanks to Roman, Ssoroka, and ag_andrew!

    I have accomplished the following: (did I miss something?)

    1- all three devices (iMac w/6.6.1, iPad w/6.5.2, iPhone w/6.5.2) are ALL using my new Personal Vault under!
    2- all Primary (Old) vaults have been deletedfrom all devices.
    3- auto fill works, mini 1PW loads OK in iMac, mini PW is not necessary in iOS...right?
    4- BUT. I have a couple of items left.

  • FrankFrank

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    Fantastic news! Thank you for letting us know. Let's keep the conversation going via email so we don't miss anything :-)

    Enjoy the rest of your day!

  • three-cushionthree-cushion Junior Member

    I see my last post missed the ending....oh well the items were for my knowledge, not operationally.
    EG ...updates....using, the 1PW app still needs to be on each device,, will future updates auto update on all 3 of my devices? With no assistance from me?

    Guess that's it....can't remember other items

  • FrankFrank

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    You won't have to worry about manually updating the 1Password apps in the future :-) If you come across any additional questions, please reply back to the email so we keep the conversation in one place and don't miss anything :+1:

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