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I'm so frustrated, (can you tell ?). Despite an email dialogue with Brian Lowenthal, Sean Foster, apple support Jedi (?), and others. I'm still getting the "trail expired" message.

I've used your products for years. I recommended 1Password to friends and colleagues and now I'm "getting it in the neck ". Friends and colleagues frustrated with the latest changes are blaming me!

When my colleagues start a support exchange with agile they get cut/pasted responses, these show the support guy didn't even read the question.
It's unfair. In the rush to adopt the more lucrative subscription model, they have abandoned users who "purchased the software". ( I'm on 6.6.1 apple mac, iPad and iPhone)

May I kindly ask, if you made your 1Passoword purchase from the app store ( a friend recently paid £60 about $78) are you suffering from the "trail expired" message/threats?

1Password Version: 6.6.1
Extension Version: safari 10.0.3
OS Version: 10.12.3
Sync Type: dropbox ( pleasingly simple)


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    Hi @stuarthw,

    I'm terribly sorry about all of this. I've found your email correspondence in our support system and I'm going to take it upon myself to figure this out for you.

    My gut says that you've purchased the app from the Mac App Store, then switched to the AgileBits store, but for some reason the app has stopped validating the receipt that was left for it. We'll figure it out.


    ref: DJJ-35976-379

  • stuarthwstuarthw
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    Good Morning Rick.

    It's all solved, (no thanks to your "support" colleagues)
    Your assumptions above were 100% correct. "Thumbs down " perhaps for your co-workers, though !

    My frustrations were very valid;
    PS I had four friends and two work colleagues with the same snag.
    All of us had in common, that we acquired the product rather than subscribed.
    Now, all your support seems to be oriented to the new subscription model.

    May I just add... all of this was caused because;

    (i) we tend to use the safari extension rather than the 10,12.3 mac app. This means, that when access to the extension gets denied, ("trial expired") a week after paying $80. It causes great frustration.

    What was needed, was an update from the mac app store to the mac app. Not any action on the safari "extension". Your extension gave "signposts" to a "purchase" option. What is should have done, (imho) is offer users like us, advice to update directly from the mac app store.
    (ii) The first message/email reply from agile support is the key to a solution. The key, perhaps for agile to have contented users. If the "support geek" blindly replies with cut/paste stuff then we are on a very slippery slope. Tempers get frayed when software is expensive ! 1Password is expensive.
    (iii) In the words of a colleague;

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    I'm glad that we were able to get things sorted out for you in the end. I don't think there's any justification for rude behaviour, but I would have been upset too. Never mind the cost of 1Password, time is money, and I'm sorry that we've taken up so much of yours. We can't give that back you you, but if there's anything I can do personally to make it up to you, let me know. Thanks for holding us to a high standard, and we'll continue to strive to be better listeners. :blush:

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    I'm really happy that you managed to figure this out @stuarthw. Your frustrations were 100% valid.

    It sounds like you may have a slightly incorrect mental model of how 1Password works. I'd like to correct it, because I think it might help you figure stuff out in the future. When you're using the 1Password browser extension, you're actually using 1Password (mini). The 1Password browser extension as is has nothing visible (except when it opens up a tab to tell you that it's attempting to connect to 1Password. So when you saw "Trial Expired" in the extension, what you were really seeing was Trial Expired showing in 1Password mini. If you clicked on the 1Password icon in the system menu bar you should have seen the same thing.

    So here's where I'm a little puzzled about your problem and the solution. You had purchased from the Mac App Store, then switched to the AgileBits store version of the app. The solution was to download and run the app from the Mac App Store. But at the moment which app are you running? We really don't recommend jumping back and forth between the two as they have completely separate databases and so you can end up in a situation where they have different items in each.

    My recommended solution would have been:

    • Quit 1Password & 1Password mini from AgileBits Store
    • Download from Mac App Store
    • Run the app from the Mac App Store
    • Quit 1Password & 1Password mini from Mac App Store
    • Delete from the Mac App Store
    • Launch 1Password from the AgileBits Store

    The process of downloading/running the MAS version of the app will ensure that you've got an updated receipt file stored in a place on disk that the AgileBits Store version of the app knows to go looking. This receipt file will act as a license and tell it that you've purchased the app so it shouldn't be bugging you about trials.

    I hope this helps.


  • Brenty and Rick !
    Thanks for the replies . I'll read it all again, carefully, and improve my understanding.
    It's good to know the Agile support is there , and situations listed this forum get resolved.

    Best wishes to everyone at agile. After a few "bumps in the road ".... I'm back recommending your products to everyone (where it's relevant) !

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    Awesome, I'm so happy to hear that! We're always glad to help, so if you need anything else, please don't hesitate to let us know. Cheers! :)

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