Website sluggish.... isn't performing well currently. Load times are way too long.

Even the status page has troubles to load
You have resources from Amazon linked to that status page... that's not good that way, because if Amazon has troubles (like it has now), the status page has difficulties to open too. I'd also prefer if you had several servers and not depending on just S3.

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  • brentybrenty

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    @ollifi: I'm really sorry about that. You're right about the importance of redundancy. We have that, server-wise, but at this time we are using AWS in the US exclusively. We're looking into branching out, but in the mean time we do have redundancies with regard to how you can get status updates. You can sign up for email notifications (I've always gotten these without fail) by clicking "Subscribe to updates" on the 1Password status page, or follow 1PasswordStatus on Twitter. Actually, why not do both? Cheers! :)

  • Good to hear that you're aware of those =) Thanks for the tip, subscribed!

  • DanielPDanielP

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    @ollifi: on behalf of Brenty, you are very welcome :)

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