How does the free trial work?

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I signed up for a free trial under I already have 1Password for Mac bought through AgileBits. Does this mean I get my online 1Password account forever? Or is the free trial for the family account itself? What exactly is the free trial for? What happens after the free trial if I don't want to renew?

Lastly, if it's for the online account, please provide clear instructions on how to migrate back to the old 1Password. Also, I'd like to "feature request" a "personal online account" feature (ie. Teams, Families, Personal) like LastPass has :chuffed: thanks

1Password Version: 6.3.2
Extension Version: latest
OS Version: latest El Capitan
Sync Type: families


  • More specifically, what will happen after the free trial session ends if I don't want to continue? How can I migrate back to plain old 1Password?

  • And (sorry for having so many questions :chuffed:) will I be able to move to my own subdomain (ie. instead of the default

  • Hi @adihaya , Good to see that you are giving the 1Password account a try.
    The account that you signed up for is the personal account from your 'feature request'.

    Your 1Password account is free for six months and includes the apps for Mac/Windows/IOS and Android at no extra cost.
    If you like your account, you can add your credit card details at the end of the trial and continue to use it.
    If you decide that you prefer the standalone version, you can copy your account's items to your Primary Vault and then simply sign out of the account.

    The AgileBits [] domains are reserved for 1Password Families. You can compare the two services here.

    Don't forget to take into consideration that all application upgrades are also included in your subscription, so that, in the long run, a subscription works out cheaper than the standalone product.

    I hope this helps answer your questions, but if you still have anything open — get back to us here.


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    Hi @adihaya

    It looks like Rob had some nice answers for you! To expand a bit on what he said, the trial is for a 1Password Account. This means that for 6 months you get to enjoy the automatic syncing between all your devices, as well as the access via the web interface on any computer. If after the trial you don't want to stick with the account you can simply copy your items back to your local vault and set up syncing again.

    About your other question, if you want a personalised URL you'd need to get a Team or Families Account instead. If having your own subdomain is important to you, you can always have a Team of 1 :chuffed:

    Never worry about asking questions here with us, we're always here for you and happy to answer all of them :chuffed:

  • I have been using 1password for much longer than 6 months without paying a penny. Suddenly, it stopped working, saying it wouldn't connect to 1password mini. I tried to correct this using online hints, but without success. I then downloaded a fresh copy of 1password and that has got me back in. However, now it's asking me to create a license or add credit card details. Can anyone please advise, is it possible to carry on for free? What are the boundaries/limitations here? Thanks.


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    What version of 1PW are you using and on what platform?

    The licencing has varied from time to time.

    On Mac and Windows you should not have been able to use 1PW for free. There was a bug in 1PW4 for Mac that did not ask for a licence after the free trial had ended, but that bug was later squashed, and anyway 1PW4 for Mac is two versions behind. You were just lucky in being able to use it free for so long if that is the version you had.

    On the other hand, 1PW for iOS is free with an in-app purchase, and in that case it's just a matter of moving back to the stand-alone licence rather than the sub. It's the same program, just needs setting up differently (and the same applies to a properly licenced version on the Mac).

  • OK, I think was using 1password 6 on mac OSX, and just on the one machine. I can't be 100% sure as the new download is now in place and may have replaced what was there before. I had been invited to upgrade before many times but was always given the option to do it later. I was under the impression that I was using a properly licenced version. Is there a way to find out? I was not expecting to suddenly start paying £60 per month for something that I assumed was free at a basic level and on one machine. Although I'm always happy to pay for a good product/service, assuming prior warning has been given, I feel a little cheated that this has happened so unexpectedly.


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    Hi jokadesign - Sorry for the confusion and I'll do my best to assist you. So we don't run into sharing any private information here, I just sent you over an email so we can work on this together. When you get a chance, reply back to me over there so we can continue the discussion :+1: Talk to you soon!

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