Ability to look up a 1Password item when you've logged into a website

Ok this might be easier with an example:

I use 1Password to store the password to SmartTuition, a website for paying for school tuition.
I login into the website from within 1Password (just clicking the URL in 1Password)
I'm all happy that 1Password made logging in very easy.
I am busy doing my thing and get asked to update some financial info (new credit card, bank account info, etc).
I now want to go back into 1Password iOS and open up the entry for my banking info, except that I CAN'T! back out without closing my current session.

I see the Share icon (not applicable), the Key Icon (useful only if the field will take a credit card and I click on the (i) icon, and the cabinet icon which should probably just be a + icon since that is all that it seems to do (open new web pages NOT based on my 1Password logins).

I'm just trying to access my 1Password account to get info copy/pasted out from another entry.

If I'm near my computer I get lucky and I just open another 1Password session on my Mac to get the info I need, but if I'm out and about and this happens I end up having to leave the web session to get back into 1Password for the other info.

In answering another post I discovered that if I hold my thumb on a web URL in 1Password iOS I do get the option to open the web page in Safari which would free up 1Password to open another entry, but it seems like this would be a common enough problem creating user frustration.

Any other solutions?

1Password Version: latest
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: latest
Sync Type: iCloud


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