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  • @MikeT This is exactly what happened to me - I'm glad I was able to find your comment!

    Related to this, I was trying to save the attachment (PDF) from my iOS app to Dropbox and Boxcryptor - but I was unable to. It hangs at the "upload" alert (the progress bar remains empty). Would you know what the problem is, by any chance?

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    @epak: I'm glad that helped! I hope you don't mind, but I've split you off into a separate discussion in the iOS category of the forums since that seems to be where you're having this issue.

    Unless I'm misunderstanding, it sounds like you're having trouble uploading a PDF to Dropbox and/or Boxcyptor. Is that correct? If so, this doesn't seem to involve 1Password, as selecting "Import with Dropbox" or "Import with Boxcryptor" actually opens those apps so you're not interacting with 1Password at that point. And frankly the "upload" hang sounds like a connection issue. I just sent a PDF from 1Password to both apps and it worked just fine. Do you maybe need to download the attachment to your device first before trying to send it? Please tell me the exact steps you're taking when this happens.

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