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What are the differences between keychain and 1Password. I have many passwords created by keychain and they autofill good. I also have another backup called Keeper. I'm trying to make this process more simple but also stay protected. I have 1Password loaded but it's not fully functional yet. Can I use it on multiple devices without the paid service.


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    @stunnoni: Great question! Now, there are a lot of differences so I'm not going to try to cover everything in detail (nor can I, as I know more about the inner workings of 1Password, not Apple's many Keychain permutations), but I can give you an overview and then you can ask any other questions you might have. Just keep in mind that this is coming from a 1Password perspective. They're fundamentally different, and even using 1Password many people have a use for iCloud Keychain, and we're all using the system Keychain on iOS and macOS whether we like it or not. ;)

    1. With 1Password, all of your data is encrypted locally on your device using your Master Password, and is therefore only accessible to you by decrypting using that same password. Keychain encrypts some things but not others, Apple has the encryption keys for some Keychain data, others not.
    2. 1Password only fills information (Logins, Identities, Credit Cards) when you tell it to. With Keychain, it's sort of an all-or-nothing proposition; you either have saving/filling enabled or you don't, and there's no real control over where and when it fills.
    3. You can use 1Password for much, much more than saving/filling form data. It's great for storing things like important documents, notes, and pretty much anything else you would want to both secure and available to you at your convenience.
      1. You can share your 1Password data with someone else. iCloud can sync your Keychain data only between devices using the same account.

    Again, that's just a few key things to keep in mind. Be sure to check out our knowledgebase and also let me know if you have any other questions. With a free trial of a membership, you get access to everything for 30 days to try it out. Cheers! :)

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