Need help in deciding online backup service.

As you've all heard the recent news that Hackers may wipeout your iCloud data by April 2nd 2017 (if you all know about the Turkish Crime Family and all) so, can anyone recommend any alternative to iCloud? Any online cloud backup services?

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  • No need to switch away from iCloud. Change your iCloud password and enable two-step authentication and you should be safe.

  • I wouldn't move my service just for that reason. We talked bout it here:

    These hackers got their info from all the other data leaks (eBay, MySpace, and others) and from people who reuse the same password. If you use a unique password, chances are that you're fine. But I would change it anyways to be safe.

    You're better off using 2 step authentication also. It's much better, and instructions are here:

    So you know, this does not save you from a person doing some damage 100% if they do have your password. A person with your password can still go on and remote wipe your iPhone, Mac, or anything that is connected to your Apple ID without the 2nd factor.

  • Hackers may wipeout your iCloud data by April 2nd 2017

    It's actually April 7, if they can be trusted... ;)

    If you have a PC or Mac just make a local (encrypted) backup using iTunes. And since one backup is no backup I hope you are already cloning the drive of that PC/Mac to an external drive and backing it up in the cloud using a service like CrashPlan.

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    @markhascole: Indeed, I commend you for pursuing this, and definitely recommend using this opportunity to come up with a solid backup strategy. Turkish criminals notwithstanding, we're all at risk of losing data due to theft, damage, or our own human frailty. Always have a backup.

    First and foremost, with a membership your data is automatically backed up offsite (and encrypted before it's sent anywhere), so you at least don't have to worry about what you've stored there.

    That said, we all have important data we don't keep in 1Password (probably due to bandwidth and storage limitations), so having a full offsite and local backup is important. SuperDuper! and CarbonCopyCloner are great apps for doing full disk, bootable macOS backups, and services like Carbonite and CrashPlan are a good way to automatically backup to a server. Certainly you can also send an external drive backup somewhere for safekeeping periodically too.

    But as XIII mentioned, when it comes to iOS devices, really the only alternative to iCloud is iTunes — and for me at least that's problematic because my Mac doesn't have room to do a local backup like that often.

    And Apple's new(ish) two- factor authentication is actually really nice though (if a bit confusing to setup). This uses iOS/macOS directly, rather than two- step sending codes to your phone number via SMS (which is not secure). iMore has a great guide to setting this up. Cheers! :)

  • Well, as others have already answered pretty descriptively that you just don't need to switch from iCloud just because some Turks threatened to wipe out your iPhone; we all know nothing like that is going to happen. These Turks are good for nothing. Their sources aren't good either. But, even then if you are compelled to make a switch, go for any of these online cloud back storage services in which iCloud is also mentioned, but since you're doubtful about it, go for other services: Cheers. I think it'll surely help you.

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    @Neil_Hines: I think the difficulty is that iCloud is integral (literally) on iOS in many ways. But certainly there are a lot of other uses for cloud storage as well, and plenty of competition in that space. :)

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