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Hi Team,

When I am trying to add a new Item for example a login, the info I am adding to 1password app might gone missing without saving.
Just now I was registering an account within application not website. So I click on "New Item" and then "Login".
After filled in Username, generated a password, and then copy the password into the application. It takes around 2-3 mins after I switched back to 1password going to paste my username, surprisingly everything just became blanks! Now the password on clipboard already been overwritten by the username! I have no idea what the password is, and there is no password item created!
Similar issue actually happened when I trying to create a new credit card item.
There were 2 offline changes when I populating the credit card information, but just when I turn back to find additional info for this card everything became blank. So I have to start over again. However, the offline changes disappeared.
Maybe sync will cause the info to be reset if it is not saved?
Suggest maybe to have a draft saving simultaneously?

Thank you.

OS- Win10 64bit

1Password Version: 6.4.377
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
Sync Type: Not Provided


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    Hi @DavidWu,

    Thanks for reporting this.

    The sync shouldn't cause anything to be reset but we did have an issue where if you bring up 1Password mini while on top of the main 1Password window, it may cause a refresh and revert any editor changes you have back to the saved values.

    This has been fixed in 1Password 6.5 update coming soon. For now, save the item as soon as you're done, don't leave the window. We're also going to add a confirmation dialog, so that leaving the window will alert you to save first.

    I have no idea what the password is, and there is no password item created!

    If you use the 1Password Strong Password Generator via 1Password mini, it will automatically save the password as soon as you click on the copy button. However, if you select the password to copy it without pressing the button, the password is not saved. We are looking into fixing this, so that even control + c or copying it will save it.

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