Large number of "Updated a Device" messages in admin log

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I'm seeing a large number of User So-and-So "Updated a Device" messages in our admin log ever since about March 23rd. Is there some recent change that might be causing this? Is it something I should be concerned about, and if so should I send you more details to help look into this?

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  • john_mjohn_m

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    Hi @hesspaul! Some recent updates (within that timeframe) to both our web service and 1Password apps for Mac and iOS now allow a device to correctly report the current version number of the app a member is using on their "My Profile" page.

    Previously, when a user first signed into an account from one of these apps, whatever version of 1Password they were using at the time was the version that was recorded for that "device", as can be seen on the "My Profile" page for a member in the web interface. As the member updated the app on their device, this version number wasn't being reflected in their device list - but using the latest versions of 1Password for Mac and iOS, the updated version is now picked up by our web service, and you'll see entries in the Activity Log.

    What I'd say is happening is that as your team members are installing the latest versions of their apps, you're seeing all of their updates come in in one go. You will also see these log entries going forward whenever a team member updates the device they use to access your account. If you are trying to look for other entries in the Activity Log, don't forget you can filter the entries that are displayed using the controls at the top of the Activity Log page in the Admin Console.

    I hope that helps! :chuffed:

  • hesspaulhesspaul Junior Member

    Thanks John for the detailed answer. This seems to be exactly what is happening, so now I know not to be worried about it. :-)

  • john_mjohn_m

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    @hesspaul No problem, always happy to help! :+1:

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