I need help to complete an interrupted and incomplete 1Password application. [Now helping in email]

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So I went to the Agilbits webpage and chose a Personal 1PW account. I filled out everything from the username, copying the Account Key, creating a Master Password, filling out the method of payment page and when I got to the "Make Sure" page I confess I may have slightly panicked and began taping the "Back" or "previous" tab until it would not go back any further. The I taped the "Continue" tab and it would not respond. I tried once more and it still wouldn't respond. I went to 1Password.com and attempted to sign in there with my email address Account Key and Master Password and it wouldn't work. Help. The call outs for my next assignment for the next two years are just rolling out and I need to be in top physical condition and get into the gym Now. I need help.

1Password Version: current up to date
Extension Version: Personal Beta
OS Version: Sierra 10.12.4
Sync Type: online
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    Hi @BrianBoyle, welcome to the forums! :chuffed:

    I'll be happy to help you! As we'll likely need to discuss private details of your account, I'll follow up with you shortly via email instead :+1:

    ref: ATT-16922-719

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