Store also Picture from Camera

When will 1PW be able to store also a picture additonaly to my e.g. the Data of my driving licences? Or any Menber Card with a e.g. Barcode on it?

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    Hi @schmargi55,

    It would indeed be very useful to have a picture of my passport or driver's license in with my information for these things in 1Password.

    On a Mac

    If you are using 1Password for Mac, it is easy enough to do this. When you edit an item (say a Driving License), you should see a section called "Related Items", which offers two buttons. One says "Link Existing" and the other says "Add New File".

    After clicking the "Add New File" button you can select a file from your Mac, including and image file.

    Behind the scenes

    When you Add New File this way, what 1Password really does is it a new Document in the same vault as the Driving License you are editing. That Document will have your image file (or whatever file you selected). It will then create a link between that Document and your Driving License (or whatever 1Password item you were editing.

    Not on a Mac

    You can create a new Document in 1Password. How that looks depends on exactly what 1Password application you are using for your Account. Give it a useful title in 1Password so that you can find it easily. Not every 1Password application has the tools to link a Document to an item, but we are (slowly) getting there.

    If you don't have a Mac that you can use to have 1Password set up the link between your Driving License item and your Document (picture of your DL), you can still keep both in 1Password. You might find it useful to add a note to to your DL item reminding you that you have also created a 1Password Document with the picture that should go with it. At least that should help for the time being.

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