Locked out of 1Password and need help recovering data

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Here are the steps I took and this still isn't working!! I'm locked out of all the accounts I need to run my business, and keep getting canned responses from their support!!!! Most frustrating customer experience I have EVER HAD.

  • changed my master password, then forgot the symbols I used so I'm locked out.
  • Was still able to get into 1pw on my iphone with my fingerprint, so I created a backup, connected iphone to computer and copied the backup folder from Itunes
  • from my mac, I erased my 1password (troubleshoot > reset all 1pw data) on my computer
  • also erased all icloud data
  • logged in to my new 1pw account on mac
  • I dragged the backup into my itunes, connected phone, and told it to sync.
  • after multiple resets of the phone and sending a diagnostic report, I still show the folder in my itunes, but nothing shows up in my 1pw 6 phone app

PROBLEM: I tried this too - when I (using my phone) tell it to restore the backup, it tells me that the password is wrong, so I'm assuming the backup is tied to my old login, which I can't access.


1Password Version: 6.5.4
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iphone software version 10.3.1
Sync Type: icloud


  • One day when I have an agilebits emergency I hope there is a pay-support tier so I can pay for and receive emergency help.

  • dancodanco Senior Member Community Moderator

    changed my master password, then forgot the symbols I used so I'm locked out.

    There really is nothing you can do if you've forgotten your master password. AgileBits has no access to passwords, so has no way of arranging a reset. That's one of the features of 1PW, the alternative password managers that allow a password reset are less secure.

    All I can suggest (I'm a user, not a staff member, but I doubt if the staff can help) is that you if you have a partial memory of the password, you try variations with different symbols.

  • brentybrenty

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    @soniaj: Thanks for reaching out. I'm really sorry for the trouble you've had, and that we haven't gotten back to you before now! I'm not seeing anything in our inbox from this address though, so if you'll reply here with the Support ID you received I'll be happy to track it down and get back to you as soon as possible.

    While danco is correct that AgileBits cannot recover or reset your Master Password for you, your description sounds like there may be more going on than just that. I'm cautiously optimistic that the backup might be of use. Just keep in mind that if the backup is encrypted using the new Master Password you've forgotten, there won't be any way to access it. But we'll see if that's the case, and if there's something that can be done. I look forward to hearing back from you!

  • Thanks @brenty - the backup is indeed from the account that i'm locked out of. 1pw support said to:
    1. create a backup of that account (as I was still able to access it with my fingerprint)
    2. then delete all 1pw data on phone and icloud
    3. open itunes, drag the backup folder back into the 1pw app.

    I've tried this multiple times, and to no avail. My phone isn't showing any of my old 1pw data.

  • FrankFrank

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    Hi soniaj - Sorry for the troubles. I noticed you're working with Laura via email. You're in good hands. Let's keep the conversation going via email and if you have any additional questions we'll be there to help. Have a great day!

    ref: ECR-94876-378

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