How can I get access while the vault in iCloud is locked?

conc: lost master-password for 1password6® for one of
4 devices . Can’t sync with a new one on my ipad pro

My Hardware - System consists of:
1 iMac, 1 MacBook Air, 1 iPhone 6 s plus, 1 ipad pro
synced via iCloud.
remark: The Master- password for the primary
vaults ( 1password6® ) was the same for every device

I forgot 1password6® master-password for the vault of the ipad pro (ios 10.3.1)

Q 1: How to rebuild a 1password6® vault on the
ipad pro with the original Data?
remark: I deleted 1password on the ipad pro, made a new one with the same master-massword and tried to get the data from iCloud.I was asked for the same password that I forgot! So I hadn’t any success!

Q 2: Is there a way to copy the data of one of the 3 devices to whom I still have access to?
Which alternative does still exist?

Thank you very much in advance for your answer



1Password Version: 6.5.4
Extension Version: 654001
OS Version: ios 10.3.1
Sync Type: iCloud
Referrer: forum-search:For me impossible to remember master-password I changed for 1 of 4 devices. Sync to the others (I still have access too) impossible, because I am asked for the changed password


  • Drew_AGDrew_AG 1Password Alumni

    Hi @Sunnyc,

    I'm sorry you're having trouble with the master password on one of your devices! Did you change your master password on the iPad Pro? If so, your 1Password sync data in iCloud would have been updated to require the new master password as well. Fortunately your old master password is still accepted on your other three devices!

    What you'll need to do is reset your sync data in iCloud, then set up sync with iCloud again so the sync data uses the old master password (which you still remember). You can follow these steps:

    On one Mac (either one is fine):

    1. Open & unlock the 1Password app and go to Help > Troubleshooting > Reset iCloud Data.
    2. Confirm you want to reset it by clicking "Yes, Remove Remote Data".
    3. Click OK when you see the message confirming the data was reset and sync was disabled.
    4. Go to 1Password > Preferences in the menu bar, then click the Sync tab.
    5. Change the sync setting for your Primary vault from None to iCloud.
    6. If a sign-in page opens on, sign in using your Apple ID.
    7. Click Start Syncing (the initial sync may take a few minutes - make sure you allow it to complete).

    On your other Mac and your iPhone, 1Password will stop syncing when it realizes the data in iCloud was reset, and will give you an error message about that on each one (which is expected). You'll need to re-enable iCloud sync:

    On your other Mac:

    • Open & unlock 1Password and go to 1Password > Preferences > Sync.
    • Change the sync setting from None to iCloud.
    • If a sign-in page opens on, sign in using your Apple ID.
    • Choose to merge your data when prompted.

    On your iPhone and iPad:

    • Open 1Password and go to Settings > Sync > Primary > Start Syncing > Sync with iCloud.
    • You should see a message saying 1Password found data on iCloud - tap Merge to start syncing.

    The same master password should now work on all four devices. Please let us know how it goes, thanks! :)

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