Any plans on changing the icon and position of the password generator in 1Password Mini

being a long-time 1Password 4 user, I'm used to look for the combination-lock-item when trying to generate a secure password in the browser extension. Having used 1Password 6 more recently, I can't quite get around the fact that the combination lock has turned into a "mixer console" and that it is located almost on the bottom of the icon list.
Do you have any plans for a return of the combination lock or at least to use an icon that more clearly says "I'm the password generator"?
And maybe position it closer to the top?

1Password Version: 6.6.BETA-407
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
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  • Hi there @Manaburner, absolutely. :)
    We have been experimenting with a number of icons there to help iconify the task ahead. The current icon was to hint at the sliders you see in the password generator. But as that well known trait goes, a designer is never happy with their work. We have an icon currently in use in 1Password on other platforms which is based upon a round vault/safe dial. This may well be coming to replace the icon we have now but I can't say for certain because I'm testing how well it works at the long list of sizes and resolutions Windows apps need to work with. :)

    As for the positioning, I'll take a look at this. The primary purpose for the sidebar on mini is to navigate between categories, just like in the main app. As important as generating passwords are to the 1Password workflow, generating passwords are a secondary task to finding and viewing your currently stored items. So the while the positioning may not always be ideal if you're generating a lot of them, we hope that having it in the sidebar helps your flow instead of having to switch to the main app each time. That being said, I will of course look into it. Thanks for the feedback @Manaburner :+1:

  • Hi @Doodler_Benji thank you for your reply. I'm sure you will come up with something good :)

  • Well, keep an eye peeled @Manaburner and let me know if you find anything else. You know how much feedback means to us all here. :chuffed:

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