Please help with annoying problems: family member is "team member" and has access to "shared", etc

I have found the experience of trying to get my dad on 1password to be a money-losing and frustrating proposition. I bought him his own one-time purchase standalone 1password account, and we both found that a confusing experience. So that was money I threw away (albeit not a lot).

So I decided to add him as a use to my 1password for teams account, though not happy about being charge monthly into perpetuity.

I added him as user, but now he's a "team member" and has access to "shared" vault that we use for hundreds of clients' passwords. I cannot seem to remove him from either "shared" vault or "team member".

What I would like is for him to be an active paid member in my account, but not a "team member" and not having access to "shared". If this is impossible, please help me design a configuration that has my employees sharing passwords as before, but without my dad's 1password user having any access to our work passwords.

I would also like Dad to not have "Private". I wish him only to put passwords in a vault I created called "Dad", so I can share all passwords with him and keep him from getting us i a situation where he can't figure something out and I can't help him, because it's in his "private".

Sorry to be bitchy! This has been a PITA and I only visit him a few days at a time!

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    Hi @Frenle IT Services! The best way to achieve what you want is by removing your Dad's membership, and re-inviting him as a Guest member of your account. Guests are like regular members, but have a few restrictions that will work great with your use case:

    • Guest members do not have access to the "Shared" vault in an account
    • Guest members only have access to a single vault as chosen for them by an account owner or administrator
    • Guest members do not get their own "Personal" vault
    • As a bonus, accounts come with a number of free Guest members; if you haven't filled out your free Guest slots, then your Dad's guest membership won't cost you a penny

    So all you would need to do is remove your Dad's current membership (make sure he hasn't stored any data in his "Personal" vault first, as that will be deleted), re-invite him as a Guest (he'll register for the account again), and then create a separate vault just for yourself and him to share, and grant his new Guest membership access to it. Job done!

    You can learn more about Guest memberships here:

    I hope that helps! :chuffed:

  • that is an unexpectedly good answer. i'll do that. in 3 months next time I'm there lol But that is good news, thank you.

  • john_mjohn_m

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    No problem @Frenle IT Services, glad I could help! If you need a hand when the time comes, just let us know! :+1:

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