1Password 6 not as good as 1Password 4?

Hi, I used to have 1Password 4 and everything was fine. Now that I have switched to 1Password 6, it seems that the Chrome extension is not so good anymore. Is it because 1Password 6 is still relatively new and you are still improving it or am I the only one with this kind of issues? The few things that irritated me recently :

  • Amazon asked me to confirm my credit card so I went to the Chrome extension, selected my credit card and... nothing. It didn't fill the fields on the website but when I entered them manually, a popup appeared to ask me if I wanted to update my Amazon password in 1Password. I would get it I were on some unknown website and their web page wasn't perfectly recognized by 1Password but it's Amazon...
  • The search bar seems to search only in the displayed category of the Chrome extension but when I open the extension, it always shows up on the Logins category and it's a category which displays only the logins of the website I'm currently on. A search bar that really searches all the elements of my vault would be more useful.
  • When I logged to this forum, the extension couldn't fill the form with my credentials stored on my vault...

All in all, nothing too serious but it definitely feels like a bit of efficiency was lost when upgrading to 1Password 6.

1Password Version: 6.5.401
Extension Version:
OS Version: W10
Sync Type: Not Provided


  • brentybrenty

    Team Member

    @speedrun: We agree completely: 1Password 6 has some a long way, and for most daily use it has everything we need...but there are a lot of advanced feature we're really missing as well, and I know we're not alone in that.

    That said, it does sound like you're running into issue in Chrome which shouldn't be causing you trouble. Can you tell me more about your setup and the exact steps you're taking? There may be a bug there that we're either not aware of or have a fix for in beta already. Which version of Chrome are you using? Do you have "security" software or other extensions that may be interfering? Or, can you confirm that native Messaging is enabled in 1Password Settings > Options > Advanced? Thanks...in advance! :lol:

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