Different price listed (Apple / AgileBits) [Apple bills monthly, we bill annually with 20% discount]


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  • I use 1Password (now: Version: 6.7 (AppStore) ) for a long time. As I understand to upgrade to 1password.com I do not need to install a new version of 1Password (on all of my devices (MacOS and iOS)), but only sign in to a 1Password.com account. On your web site "Pricing" it says it costs 2.99$ a month. In the Apple AppStore (in app purchase) it says it costs 4.49 EUR a month (that is today 5,02 $ a month). Which are the correct prices?


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    Hi @Achim,

    Thanks for taking the time to write in.

    Apple's pricing is different from ours, because:

    • Apple bills monthly, whereas we bill annually (with a 20% discount)
    • Apple handles the currency conversion from USD to your local currency, and they may be using a different conversion rate. When you subscribe through us the currency conversion is handled by the bank issuing your credit card.
    • I believe Apple's pricing includes VAT / taxes, whereas the prices listed on our website are pre-VAT (and you will be charged VAT).

    As such it may be slightly less expensive to subscribe through our website, but that'll depend on how the currency conversion works out.

    Please also note that because AgileBits is a Canadian company your credit card issuer may charge you a "Foreign Transaction Fee." This fee is collected by the issuer, not AgileBits. It is usually less than $1 per transaction, however that can add up if you choose a monthly billing option. If your card charges a FTF you'll want to pick an annual subscription through our website, or find a different card that doesn't charge that fee (they exist).



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