Can't get app to work on Samsung Galaxy T3 tablet

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I am using 1password 6 via my laptop. I installed the app on my moto E smart phone Android version 5.1. I signed in, it syncs with my account through the cloud and it works great. I am trying to make it do the same on my Samsung Galaxy T3 Android version 4.4.2. Instead upon installation I am prompted asking If I am using using Dropbox-WLAN server or Local storage. Should it not let me sign in, sync through the cloud, and work on my tablet like it does on my phone.

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  • Through some research I think I answered my own question. 1password 6 requires Android 5.0 Lollipop or higher. 1password 4 will work across my devices but doesn't do cloud syncing that I can determine. I would have to downgrade to 4 and play with dropbox to include my tablet, as It won't be upgraded to Lollipop according to the research I have done.

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    Hi @Norme. 1Password 6 does indeed work with KitKat, but you won't be able to use our service on it (which is what requires 5.0). If you're using a account, you'll need to create a separate local vault to sync with this Android if you're not able to update it.

    Can you follow the steps I posted here to do so? Let me know how that goes!

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