Prudential PIN must be exactly 8 Characters

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    Hey @wkleem,

    I hope you don't mind, I split your comment out into it's own thread from the previous thread as it was on a different topic.

    The PIN you choose must be exactly 8 characters.

    I really hope common sense security practices will be taken on by these financial institutions. Eight characters for a password is truly ridiculous. Things like this have to be brought to their attention. Hopefully they will hear their more security conscious customers.

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  • As best I can tell, one-time passwords best help those that have a tendency to re-use passwords or pick ones that aren't considered strong by password cracking standards. So even in this instance it probably can't hurt. The frustrating part is any weakness in the password entropy is purely on their questionable password requirements.

    We won't let you pick a really strong password, have TOTP instead :smile:


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