How do I setup 1Password for my Android phone? I already use it on my Mac

I bought 1password from Agilebits for my Mac and I have it installed. The current version is 6.7.1. I have been using 1password via Chrome and Firefox extensions in my Mac for a long time.

But I need to expand usage for my Android phone too. I use a Google pixel. The app installs. But after that it is asking for account key, sign in email address, etc. Nowhere during my license registration was this information given to me? When I tried to sign up for a new account on the 1password site, it is asking me to pay. But I already paid for the software.

Please tell me how to use my current 1password data (passwords, logins etc) on my android phone. In a non-confusing way.

1Password Version: 6.7.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: OS X Sierra
Sync Type: I don't know.
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  • periperi

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    Hi @subbuvincent. :)

    It sounds like you have the standalone "sync it yourself" version of 1Password installed on Mac rather than a 1Password account. Let me explain.

    Historically, 1Password was licensed per version and per platform, which meant that you could purchase a license to use with a single version on 1Password on a specific platform as long as you like. With this standalone version, you data was only saved locally unless you opted to sync with another device over WLAN or a third-party service such as Dropbox. Then, when major upgrades are released, it typically requires a license upgrade as well. This is what you've been using. This covers the standalone version of 1Password 6 for Mac, as long as you're only using a local vault and syncing the data yourself.

    In late 2015, however, we released a new hosted version of 1Password--1Password memberships. With a 1Password membership, your data is stored in our servers, and we back it up automatically and sync it for you. This version requires a subscription, since we're hosting the data indefinitely, which requires server space. With an active membership, 1Password is covered on all platforms (Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android), and all major upgrades are covered as well. This means you don't have to worry about purchasing license upgrades as new versions come out like you would with the standalone version.This is what you're seeing when signing up. The membership covers all platforms and all upgrades, and your data syncs automatically.

    If you like, I'll be happy to help you migrate to a 1Password account from the version you're using. Otherwise you'll need to sync your data instead of signing into an account.

    Let me know if you need anything else!

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