Firefox beta extension needs updating

I'm currently on Firefox 55 (the Developer edition), and noticed a few things:

  1. I needed to update the browser extension, which is fine. However, checking "en able betas" gave me a much older 4.4.x extension, instead of 4.6.6 as I got with the stable release.
  2. The beta extension constantly spammed me with an update prompt until I uninstalled it :(
  3. The challenge auth windows (from the main 1P app) was in the wrong language! 1Password 6, Version 6.7.1 (671001)


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  • matthew_agmatthew_ag 1Password Alumni

    Hey @deviantintegral,

    I uninstalled my 1Password extension from Firefox and then went to the AgileBits browser extension download page, enabled betas and installed. The extension that was installed for me was version 4.6.7.b3 which is the latest. Was that the same steps you tried to install the extension?

    Regarding the tranlsations, we did have an issue with Canadian English being displayed as Finnish back in early May but this should have been resolved as of 1Password for Mac 6.7. May I ask which is the "Preferred Language" set in System Preferences > Language & Region?

    I should be able to test this quickly on my side to confirm this translation issue once I know the Preferred Language.

    Looking forward to hearing back.

    Best regards,

  • deviantintegraldeviantintegral Junior Member

    Strange, I was at the same URL yesterday. Today, the beta installs fine. Nice to see it now shares the same ID, not leaving me with two copies of the extension at the same time!

    My preferred language is English (Canada), with UK as a secondary and US as a third.

  • matthew_agmatthew_ag 1Password Alumni

    Hey @deviantintegral,

    My apologies, the prompt to authorize the browser extension(s) is still in Finnish for English (Canada) for 1Password for Mac 6.7.1 however it has been updated correctly in the recent betas and will be fixed in the next stable release of 1Password for Mac. :chuffed:

    As regards the double installation of the Firefox extensions I'm afraid I'm at a loss as to why that happened. It sounds like you were on our browser extensions installation page since you mentioned the "enabled betas" option. We did publish a new beta last Friday (16th June) however this shouldn't have caused such the link to point to an older build. If by any chance did you attempt to update back on the 16th of June or afterwards?

    I would recommend uninstalling the older Firefox extension so you only have the latest version.

    I hope that helps. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

    Best regards,

  • deviantintegraldeviantintegral Junior Member

    Glad to hear the dialog language is fixed!

    No, I was doing the updates on the 20th.

    As regards the double installation of the Firefox extensions I'm afraid I'm at a loss as to why that happened

    That's something that had been happening for /years/. If I needed to switch extensions, Firefox always showed the beta and stable releases as if they were completely separate extensions. I'd always assumed that was by design, and that the extensions had different identifiers. As of this week, when I had the release version installed, installing the beta replaced it, which was what I would have expected all along. Meh, it all works now!

  • Greetings @deviantintegral,

    Even though I've been with AgileBits for over two years now I can't reliably comment on what Mozilla may have had in the past. What I can say is that for a while we've had a single extension ID with Mozilla with which both stable and beta updates are connected and Mozilla/Firefox take responsibility for ensuring stable only updates to new stables and the same for betas. With Chrome we have two separate branches so it is definitely possible to have both a stable and beta installed in Chrome and that does lead to some weird behaviour.

    Thankfully, with the exception of the Finnish text, it seems like everything is working now. If this isn't the case please do correct me.

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