Having trouble locating license information, bought on Mac App Store.

I purchased a standalone license from the App store, yet I cannot find the license key anywhere. I am trying to set up a 1password account, but I need the license key. I tried to get a receipt sent to my Apple ID email account, but received nothing. I have a receipt on my Apple ID account that records my purchase of this standalone account, but I just cannot access the license key. What can I do?

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  • rudyrudy

    Team Member

    Hi @BrennerMac,

    Thanks for contacting us. Mac App Store standalone purchases don't have license keys. You also don't have a secret key that a 1Password.com membership relies upon. That said you can get a secret key by setting up a new 1Password.com membership. It will then allow you to migrate over any "standalone" data you might have on your machine.

    If you do want a 1Password.com account you'll want to set that up as a 'new trial' on the first screen of the setup window. It will generate your secret key at that time and you will want to make sure you store that in a safe place. After your master password, the secret key is the second most important piece of information you will have in your possession.


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