My 1Password6 inserts login information in the wrong place on login page.

There are several places on the page asking for similar info. There's a "Returning User? Quick Login" at the top, a "create a new account," a veterinarian "admin login," and an "Already Registered? Login" on the same page. iPassword keeps putting my login info in the Vet's place, not either of the "Returning User" or "Already Registered" boxes. How do I get it to use the right location?

1Password Version: 6.7.1
Extension Version: 4.6.6
OS Version: OS X 10.10.5
Sync Type: wi-fi
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    Hi @Mac_Mom,

    Depending on how that page is set up, it might help to save a new Login item by following the steps here: How to save a Login manually in your browser

    Does the new Login fill the correct fields? If not, would it be possible to let us know the URL for that site so we can test this ourselves?


    I used the "Login manually" steps but I had to go back and put the password into the mini 1Password. Now it has the correct info & puts it in the correct place but everytime I login it asks if I want to save the "new" login (which it inputted correctly when I clicked on the 1Password button and selected the login I wanted). If I save, it changes the info. If I don't save, it gives me the correct (& correctly placed) login in but asks mne to save it again.

  • Hi @Mac_Mom,

    Thank you for the report and more importantly for providing the URL. It allowed me to visit the page and to see precisely what you're seeing. It's definitely a bug and the bad news is at the moment I can't see a workaround that will help lessen the impact and annoyance of what you're experiencing. This home page seems to be the only option for logging in and even though you can ask 1Password to ignore a domain for auto-save, this doesn't apply to when 1Password believes you're in a password update situation.

    For now I'm afraid the esc key will probably be your only hope of maintaining sanity while we investigate. We do have a number of guards in place to try and stop stuff like this happening but the variability in site designs means sometimes we can get caught out. I apologise that it will be annoying until we've fixed it.

  • Hi @Mac_Mom,

    While writing the bug report I think I've found a workaround. A lot will depend on how the site behaves for you as a person with a real account (I of course keep getting the wrong details message for good reason). Now the home page has a "quick login" form at the top and then a login form at the bottom. They both look like they serve the same purpose, to log a person in. Do you find that either set of fields will correctly log you in?

    If they do I think I have a weird solution. I'll avoid the details for now in case it won't help but if the bottom form is usable here then in your reply please mention me by using @littlebobbytables in the message and I will reply with what it will take to get this working and I'll even throw in an explanation of what is happening so you can share in my headache :tongue:

    ref: OPX-1384

  • Hi littlebobbytables,

    I have to say I got a kick out of your name. My older son introduced me to the xkcd site that had the comic showing your name.
    I am able to have 1Password log me in correctly to the Quick Login form. I just have to select "Not now" when it asks if I want to update or create the login. I played around with the web page details settings and moved/made sure the password/"key" and the "person" icons were selected in the "Quick Login" section of the web page details. I didn't include your @ name since I didn't use your workaround. I can try it, though, if what it does is stop 1Password from asking me to create/update my login. Thanks for your offer, though, either way.

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    Hi @Mac_Mom,

    If my alias didn't give it away I am a big fan of xkcd - probably not much of a revelation :lol:

    So what is tripping 1Password up is the site is weirdly setting the extra password fields as something other than the empty strings. The extension then gets tripped up for some reasons I won't get into but there seems to be a workaround if the login form at the bottom of the page works the same as the quick login at the top. I can't tell what the difference, if any, is. So if the login form at the bottom of the page works the following should help quieten down 1Password's update nagging.

    Below is a lump of text, can you copy it into the MacOS clipboard please.

      "URLs": [
          "overview": {
            "label": "website", 
            "url": ""
      "categoryUUID": "001", 
      "details": {
        "fields": [
          {"id": "ctrlLoginQuick_txtEmail;opid=__8", "name": "ctl00$ctrlLoginQuick$txtEmail", "type": "T", "value": "Email Address"},
          {"id": "ctrlLoginQuick_txtPass;opid=__10", "name": "ctl00$ctrlLoginQuick$txtPass", "type": "P", "value": "ignoreme"},
          {"id": "ctrlLoginQuick_cbxRemberMe;opid=__12", "name": "ctl00$ctrlLoginQuick$cbxRemberMe", "type": "C", "value": ""},
          {"id": "ctrlLoginQuick_okBtn;opid=__14", "name": "ctl00$ctrlLoginQuick$okBtn", "type": "I", "value": "Ok"},
          {"id": "ctrlContactUsNew_txtlname;opid=__15", "name": "ctl00$ctrlContactUsNew$txtlname", "type": "T", "value": ""},
          {"id": "ctrlContactUsNew_TXB_Email;opid=__16", "name": "ctl00$ctrlContactUsNew$TXB_Email", "type": "T", "value": ""},
          {"id": "ctrlContactUsNew_TXB_Phone;opid=__17", "name": "ctl00$ctrlContactUsNew$TXB_Phone", "type": "T", "value": ""},
          {"id": "ctrlContactUsNew_TXB_ClinicName;opid=__18", "name": "ctl00$ctrlContactUsNew$TXB_ClinicName", "type": "T", "value": ""},
          {"id": "ctrlContactUsNew_TXB_ClientNumber;opid=__19", "name": "ctl00$ctrlContactUsNew$TXB_ClientNumber", "type": "T", "value": ""},
          {"id": "ctrlLoginAlt_txtClinicID;opid=__22", "name": "ctl00$ctrlLoginAlt$txtClinicID", "type": "T", "value": "Clinic Number"},
          {"id": "ctrlLoginAlt_txtClientID;opid=__24", "name": "ctl00$ctrlLoginAlt$txtClientID", "type": "T", "value": "Client Number"},
          {"id": "ctrlLoginAlt_txtEmail;opid=__26", "name": "ctl00$ctrlLoginAlt$txtEmail", "type": "T", "value": "Email Address"},
          {"id": "ctrlLoginAlt_okBtn;opid=__29", "name": "ctl00$ctrlLoginAlt$okBtn", "type": "I", "value": "Ok"},
          {"designation": "username", "id": "ctrlLogin_txtEmail;opid=__30", "name": "ctl00$ctrlLogin$txtEmail", "type": "T", "value": "[email protected]"},
          {"designation": "password", "id": "ctrlLogin_txtPass;opid=__32", "name": "ctl00$ctrlLogin$txtPass", "type": "P", "value": "peekaboo"},
          {"id": "ctrlLogin_cbxRemberMe;opid=__34", "name": "ctl00$ctrlLogin$cbxRemberMe", "type": "C", "value": ""},
          {"id": "ctrlLoginVetAdmin_ctrlLogin_UserName;opid=__36", "name": "ctl00$ctrlLoginVetAdmin$ctrlLogin$UserName", "type": "T", "value": "User Name"},
          {"id": "ctrlLoginVetAdmin_ctrlLogin_Password;opid=__38", "name": "ctl00$ctrlLoginVetAdmin$ctrlLogin$Password", "type": "P", "value": "  "},
          {"id": "ctrlLoginVetAdmin_ctrlLogin_cbxRemberMe;opid=__40", "name": "ctl00$ctrlLoginVetAdmin$ctrlLogin$cbxRemberMe", "type": "C", "value": ""},
          {"id": "ctrlLoginVetAdmin_ctrlLogin_okBtn;opid=__42", "name": "ctl00$ctrlLoginVetAdmin$ctrlLogin$okBtn", "type": "I", "value": "Ok"}
        "htmlForm": {
          "htmlMethod": "LB1"
      "overview": {
        "ainfo": "[email protected]", 
        "ps": 1, 
        "title": "VetScene", 
        "url": ""
      "sectionName": "V"

    Next, switch to 1Password and you'll find you have a new menu option, File > New Item from Clipboard. Please select this menu option. This will create a tweaked Login item and present it to you in edit mode, ready for having the placeholder username and password values replaced with the real ones. I believe/hope you will find this will work for you once you've saved.

    So what does it do differently? It has the two fields at the bottom of the page designated as the username and password fields but it will also fill the password field in the quick login section with the text ignoreme. This shouldn't affect logging in as 1Password will focus on the fields at the bottom when submitting and so the site will ignore the form at the top of the page. By setting the field at the top though to something other than it's default of two spaces " " it means that the quick login password field no longer matches the admin password field and 1Password is essentially tricked into thinking it isn't a password change form. I can't set it up so it fills into the quick login form because 1Password will insist on leaving cursor focus in one of the other password fields that we need to alter which will mean the submit after filling feature will submit the wrong login form. It could be altered if automatically submitting after filling is something you could live without for this one site while we work on a way to stop the 1Password nagging.

    Let me know what you think and if you try it whether it works. I believe it should help but I haven't been able to test with real account details to see the testing all the way through.

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