websites requiring more than 2 fields to enter

One website requires a user number, a pin and a password. Another asks for identity number, date of birth and password.

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  • I´m using Mac OSX 10.9.5 with 1Password 4 and Safari browser. I cannot enter details from 2 websites that ask for 3 stages. One requires national identity number, date of birth and a password. The asks for user number, pin number and a password.

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    @alan2: Thanks for reaching out. I’m sorry for the trouble! While it's impossible to say without knowing the site, you may be able to get it working by manually saving a new login for the site will allow 1Password to save additional information from the form to fill better. Just try these steps to save the login manually:

    1. Navigate to the website
    2. Enter your login credentials
    3. Click the 'keyhole' icon to bring up the extension
    4. Click the 'gear' icon for Settings
    5. Click Save New Login
    6. Give it a name and Save
    7. Close the webpage and select your new login from the extension to have 1Password Go & Fill
    8. Submit the form manually if you have autosumbit disabled

    However, please keep in mind that there are some significant downsides to using an outdated OS and browser. The instructions above will work in many cases, but 1Password 4 does not have the benefit of all of the improvements we've made in the years since. And if there is something we need to do to improve 1Password for the sites you're having trouble with, those will only benefit you if you upgrade. And, last but most importantly, using an OS and browser which are no longer receiving security updates puts you at risk, especially since it sounds like you're interacting with some pretty sensitive information there.

    I see you've all emailed us separately, so I'll reply there shortly as well in case there's anything else we can help with. :)

    ref: VCL-89354-693

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