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  • I've done my homework and I'm all ready to use your app, except, I can't. I loaded it up and promptly got distracted and my 1 month trial ran out and I thought, looked good so, far, let's to the family thing.

    Except I can't and find this process beyond frustrating. You really need to work out a better method to switch people over to the family account and post some very clear instructions that are much easier to find. I've been crawling through multiple posts and finally stumbled on this one. Huge waste of time.

    My case is a little different, for some reason, I my monthly subscription is hung up and not active after the initial free month so I can't cancel on iTunes. So need a little help.

    I've sent the email to [email protected] asking for help, hopefully between the email and this post...we can resolve?

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    Hey @PDees! I'd be happy to help out. I see you emailed us as well, and since this is about your subscription let's keep the conversation going via email for now. Talk to you in a bit. :)

    ref: EMZ-92725-821

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