autofill login with OTP

I'm trying to autofill a login page that has the following fields:

one-time password

I followed the steps here to save the login manually. The login is saved, but in the web form details the otp field is a regular static password, rather than the otpauth://totp/ thing I'd expect.

Is there a way to fully autofill login forms when they have an otp field?

1Password Version: 6.7
Extension Version:
OS Version: Not Provided
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    @tallariel: The 1Password app/extension can fill usernames, passwords, and often other static fields which are saved in the browser. It isn't currently possible to fill variable information (such as a time-based password which changes), or any custom field (such as TOTP, or others that are user-created), as 1Password just doesn't have any logic for what to do with these (and often knows nothing about what they are). Right now we're focused on improving username/password filling, since that benefits all 1Password users. TOTP is hard because there is no standard login field for this, and often it's on a second (or third) page, which 1Password will take no action on (it's designed to only fill when the user invokes it). But perhaps in the future it will be possible for 1Password to do things like this. Thanks for bringing this up! :)

  • Just adding my voice to this request, as I explained with pictures in another post here

  • I replied in the other thread so I don't really have anything new to add here. We can keep the conversation going there :smile:

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