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It seems that Barnes and Noble has poor security practices. Their mobile page redirects to the insecure page when you explicitly enter "https". At least I think that's why 1Password is not doing anything. I can't see the URL scheme and there's no error message. I think the built-in browser needs to show that scheme. And I think you meant to display an error message when I try to fill my account info. This is on an iPhone.


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    Hi @doglesby,

    Thanks for taking the time to write in.

    I had the opposite experience. When I tried to access B&N over HTTP I was force-redirected to the HTTPS login page. You can tell you're on a page served over HTTPS when 1Browser shows a padlock at the right hand of the address bar.

    Could you please try accessing this page in 1Browser and see what happens?



  • doglesbydoglesby Junior Member

    That it fills in. So what's the deal with m.barnesandnoble.com/account? 1Password shows the B&N record, so it recognizes the right account info. It just doesn't do anything. It simply can't understand which field is which?

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    That page is using an iframe element to display the login form. An iframe is a way of displaying one web page inside of another. 1Password cannot fill within these elements on iOS, but can on macOS.

    Using the address I provided instead should help. :) That is a direct link to the actual login form web page.



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