I am a newbie. Just updated to version 6.8 on my mac and ignored multiple copies warning.

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Just updated to version 6.8 on my mac and ignored multiple copies warning which said there was another copy on my backup drive and that I should delete other copies before proceding. Aside from not being able to sign into firefox because it brought up my original trial version (I now have a families subscription and using the correct login data solved that problem), it seems to work just fine. Should I expect any other problems from this? Should I exclude backups with CCC to my backup drive?
Jerry Chatow

ref: XFJ-75953-262


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    Hi @jerryc12,

    Thanks for taking the time to write in. It looks like you also emailed us about this same issue, and Greig is helping you there (he is awaiting your reply). For future reference it is not necessary to contact us via multiple communication channels about the same issue. Doing so can cause a duplication of efforts on our part which slows down the support process for everyone.

    Greig is going to help you via email, but for anyone else reading, I'll mention that yes, the 1Password application should be excluded from clone type backups. You can still back up your data with these types of backups. There is further (technical) information on why this is available in posts here.

    Thanks! Hope to hear from you via email shortly. :)


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