Add-on trying to connect to 1Password 6 instead of 4

I'm setting up a new Windows 10 system and installed 1Password 6 by mistake, as I actually use the standalone version. I then installed 1Password 4 but left 6 on the system. When I installed the Firefox add-on, it got linked to 1Password 6. I then removed 1Password 6 from the system and the add-on from Firefox. After rebooting I re-installed the add-on, but it doesn't work. The icon appears in my icons at the top, but clicking on it doesn't do anything. I verified that it is enabled. Is there some reminder of the connection to 1Password 6 that I need to get rid of?

1Password Version:
Extension Version:
OS Version: Windows 10
Sync Type: Drobpox


  • Hi @beirne,

    In 1Password 4 for Windows you should find a menu option Help > Advanced > Use Native Messaging protocol. I suspect it will be disabled/unchecked. Can you enable it please and restart your browser. If it is already enabled can you toggle the setting please to force 1Password to overwrite certain details left by 1Password 6. The new approach for communication between 1Password and the extension won't allow for the easy co-existence of 1Password 4 and 6 on the same Windows but this should take care of the trouble you've been having.

  • beirnebeirne Junior Member

    That fixes it. I don't need 1Password 6, I just need 4 to work so this is perfect. Thanks!

  • Glad we could be of assistance @beirne, if you run into any other issues please let us know :smile:

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