And what does the GUEST have to do?

I may be obtuse, but for the life of me I can't see anything that tells a guest what THEY are supposed to do when they are given access to a vault. It might be obvious to those who already know, but it is not obvious to me. I would guess that they have to download and install the applications on their computer, but do they need my master password? Can they create their own password? Do they have to make a libation to Zeus? Given that a guest might be less familiar with 1Password than the person who is giving them access, I would have thought it would be an obvious topic for a Help article. But I can't find one. It doesn't even seem to appear in Take Control's book, which often fills a few gaps. At this point I don't know what to tell my guest because I don't know myself.

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    Hi @mbbcam! :smile:

    Guest members work in essentially the same way as regular account members; it's just that their access to the account is more restricted (they don't get their own Personal/Private vault, and they only have access to a single vault as chosen for them by an account owner or administrator). As a member of an account, they get their own separate sign-in details for it; they'll use the same shared sign-in address for the account, but will use their own email address, unique Secret Key and self-chosen master password. They can use the web interface for the account, or they are free to download and use any of the 1Password apps, just the same as any regular account member.

    Here's our account owner/administrator's guide to inviting and sharing a vault with guest members:

    From the guest's perspective, when you invite them, they'll receive an email which will take them through the registration process for your account (during which, they'll be assigned their unique Secret Key, and will choose their own master password). Once they've signed in, and an account owner/administrator has confirmed their membership and assigned them access to a vault, they'll use the account just like anyone else - so our usual getting started guides should be helpful to them:

    I hope that helps! :chuffed:

  • Thanks John, that is a great help.

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    No worries, @mbbcam, my pleasure! :+1:

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