Make Login easier (with One-Click) [Suggestions]

I guess most of us have only one login for a specific website so it would be pretty cool to just need to click on the Icon to fill in the login. Of course the extensions would open the popup as before if there's more than one login matched for this site.

Is this possible, was it before raised from other members? I didn't found anything.

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  • Hi @heubergen,

    Hopefully you're a fan of keyboard shortcuts because if you are we've got you covered. On the Mac the keyboard shortcut ⌘\ and ctrl + \ on Windows will attempt to fill the currently open tab with a Login item and will only show the 1Password mini menu if the user needs to make a choice. Another keyboard shortcut I make use of a lot is ⌥⌘\ (or alt + ctrl + \ on Windows) which is the equivalent of clicking the 1Password Browser Extension button in the browser toolbar. The reason we can't default to attempting to fill with a Login item immediately when clicking the button is a user may be wanting to fill using an Identity or Credit Card item or even wanting to search for another site's Login item and use open and fill. With the keyboard shortcuts we can have the two so both are easily accessible but it's a bit more tricky with mouse clicks and the button while still trying to keep everything easy to use. What do you think of the keyboard shortcuts?

    If you find those useful then our page, 1Password keyboard shortcuts may be of interest :smile:

  • heubergenheubergen
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    Thank you for the explanation and your help.
    Hmm, do you have any accessible option for not-us user? Our keyboard layout doesn't have the backslash directly :(
    Maybe ⌘$ would work for us?

  • Hi @heubergen,

    These particular keyboard shortcuts can be altered from within 1Password. If you enter 1Password's preferences you'll find three user editable keyboard shortcuts in the General tab. You may even find they already show something other than the \ key if it's a case of a different keyboard layout. For the UK (and US I think) keyboards the \ key is to the right of the key with the single and double quote and left of the return key. If your layout means you have something different you may find it displays that instead. The good news is if you have something else that would work better you can tweak it. I hope that helps.

  • Hi @littlebobbytables,

    Sorry for just shouting out my questions and not looking in the settings first.

  • Some days it's nice to get an easy couple of questions that you can answer :lol: As a user there are things I never knew about 1Password until the day I joined the forums too. Even better, somebody else may find my answer helps them as well so it's all good :smile:

  • Hi, maybe I'm missing something but I can't see the "Fill Login on current webpage" shortcut in my settings.

  • Great, the forum software ate my picture. So here it is again!

  • Sorry for double-posting. It looks like my computer does not load any images from "" because of an SSL error, so I don't see the image

  • Greetings @Manaburner,

    Sorry for the confusion. After heubergen replied, referencing the ⌘ key I knew he was using a Mac and 1Password for Mac allows those three keyboard shortcuts to be altered. 1Password 6 for Windows is constantly improving but for the moment isn't quite as adaptable. Despite the misleading text the keyboard shortcut option that can be configured does apply to both ctrl + alt + ? and ctrl + ? So if you set the key to say ; then filling the open page is ctrl + ; and display the helper menu is ctrl + alt + ;. Does that help explain the differences between 1Password for Mac and 1Password 6 for Windows?

  • Hi @littlebobbytables
    I was not irritated by Mac vs Windows. What threw me off was the page you linked to
    Reading this, I expected to find two separate settings, one for showing 1Password mini and one for filling the login directly. I didn't quite understand that you have a combined setting for both there.
    To me, when I see a command or key in brackets, it's optional. That's what confused me :)

  • Hi @Manaburner,

    Your confusion is quite reasonable, I had to launch 1Password 6 for Windows and test before I could post because I didn't know if the single editable shortcut affected both or not myself. It was only after testing that I could confidently let you know how it worked. It is certainly an area in 1Password that could use a little clarity as to what it will affect.

  • Hi @littlebobbytables
    good to know I'm not alone ;)
    1Password 6 for Windows is still pretty new and I'm sure you'll get those things ironed out over time

  • Definitely @Manaburner :smile: I have a shockingly bad memory at times but 1Password 6 for Windows is still so new even I can remember when there was no extension support and anybody using it was limited to copy and paste. It has come along in leaps and bounds and mostly because I have come to the conclusion that the key Windows developer has somehow found a way to eliminate the need for sleep. I often find myself wishing I had a fraction of his energy. I shall be filing a report so that even if somebody decides it's better that both shortcuts are altered via the one option that the text makes this clear.

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