Please, stop using documents (attachments) as entries.

Thank you for the free trial to subscription service.

However, is there anyway to hide document entries? Most of my documents have titles that relate to their originating entries only. Without proper context, these new document entries are confusing. Additionally, they alter the counts. This makes verifying a bulk import even more difficult.

In the web page, the entries that have attachments are all listed as "Imported Attachment Imported Attachment". This is meaningless to me. Can this be fixed?

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @iDoug,

    Thanks for the feedback. If you want to view just Login items you can click on the Logins category in the sidebar. We are looking into a number of improvements for Documents and attachments in the future. :)


  • Agreed on iDoug's comment. Commingling documents with other entry types adds pollution to the entry list. Would love if there was a way to turn them off (in the display only, please keep ability to attach documents to entries).

  • brentybrenty

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    @NudnikShpilkes: As Ben mentioned, Documents are a separate item type. As with any other type of item, you can narrow the list by searching or selecting the specific category you want to view. We're not going to offer a setting to hide Documents because that's a great way for people to not be able to find them at all, but if you have suggestions for different ways of presenting items in 1Password we're happy to listen. You can also reduce "pollution" by renaming Documents (or any items) to give them names that are more helpful to you, and this will not change the filename. Cheers! :)

  • I think there's an architectural issue at work here. Having a separate document item type is fine, but I would suggest making a distinction between documents as attachments and documents as an item type. An analogous example would be if 1Password made the password field in each login not only a part of that login item's composition, but also listed each of those password fields separately in the main items list. That obviously wouldn't make sense, but it's how item attachments are currently implemented.

    I would suggest that you have two separate kinds of documents, documents that are part of the composition of another item (i.e. attachments) and documents that are their own separate item. A single document shouldn't be both.

    Thanks for listening.

  • Hmm,
    I get the "they alter counts" problem when you want to verify if every item has made it over to your shiny account and also naming them "Imported Attachment". But the rest I can't really follow.
    @NudnikShpilkes What would be the benefit of having two types of documents? Are you suggesting hiding documents everywhere when they are part of another item like a secure note?

    If I see a document while I'm browsing the "All Items" view, I scroll over it. I mean how is that different from seing secure notes and software license items etc. in the same list? It's just another item type IMHO.
    And if I look for something specific, I use the search.
    Of course I may be a "special snowflake" here and my usage patterns are not what others do :)

  • JacobJacob

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    Thanks for the feedback folks! Indeed, there are some architectural improvements to be made on documents. We've discussed this quite a bit on the forum since we rolled out 1Password accounts, and we do want to improve documents down the road. Right now, there are a few other things we're working on. I appreciate the solid discussion though, and it'll be quite useful when we look further into building things. :)

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