I can't seem to find/access the admin console anymore for my family.

I have a family license and have added my wife and daughter who both now have their own logins within our plan. I want to set up private vaults for each of them and, share an existing vault that has most of our family logins with my wife. However, I can no longer seem to find where to access the admin console?



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    Hey @fennd3867 -- you'll need to sign into 1Password using a web browser. The URL will be whatever you chose as a subdomain - so SomeName.1password.com. From there, you'll be able to perform all administrative functions in the right sidebar of your browser window. You wife and daughter already have their own Personal vaults, and you all have access to the Shared vaults -- these are the defaults of your 1Password Families membership. However, you can create as many additional vaults as you need or can find a use for. For example, in my own family's account, I created a vault called Parents so I can share things with only my wife (instead of the kids also). It's great for things like our credit card and bank information, and other things the kids shouldn't be able to access, while I put things the kids DO use, like the Netflix password (MAN, do they use that one!) into the Shared vault.

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    Lars- Thanks for the quick response. I have logged in via a browser and via the domain assigned at set up. When I'm logged in, I don't see an "admin" link on the right hand sidebar. Maybe the nav has changed via updates in the last few months, but I seem to recall there was an "admin" link? Whereby you could see users and easily assign them to existing vaults with different rights, etc.

    Good tip on the parents vault. I had set that up for my wife and I and that's what led me to the admin issue.

    Thanks again.

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    You recall correctly, @fennd3867 -- and yes, the old Admin Console has evolved! You should still see all the functionality previously contained in the old Admin Console (Members, Guests, Billing, Settings, Vaults, etc). If you're looking for users, the Members tab is the one you want. In 1Password Families, you're only able to grant users Read or Read/Write access to a particular vault, not drill down more finely on the permissions like you can with 1Password Teams, but for most families, you don't need the kind of granular access-control you might in a 300-person company. So to sum up, everything's still there, it just looks a little different than it used to. Let us know if you still can't find or accomplish something you're trying to set up!

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