can't log into account, no security key

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I signed up for a year membership and paid through iTunes store 2 days ago, as I was adding my logins I got pulled away to do other things before I could finish. I was never given a security key. I did create a master password, which I have. When I came back to my computer I could still add logins, but when I tried to pull up my account on my iPhone, it was asking for the security key. I can't access my emergency kit. Then when I tried to search for my account by email address, it says no account was found. I'm so confused. I keep going around in circles. I have sent several emails with no response. Please HELP!

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    Hi @LiveFearlessFit -- I found the emails you wrote, so to keep things smooth and avoid pursuing this in two different avenues, let's keep the conversation going over there. Thanks!

    ref: INM-17377-388

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