UI issues with 1Password extension Chrome/Firefox/Safari Mac

Recently, I've begun to experience UI issues with the browser extension. The problem manifests itself in: Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. The problem is this:

When I click the extension in the browser I invariable get BOTH the sign-on (if not already signed-on) and a window with a list of many login items OVERLAID atop the sign-on dialog. Needless to say, this makes navigation and/or selecting any item (once logged on) difficult to maneuver.

What's up with this? If you DM me I can provide a screenshot. It is VERY annoying and have defaulted to using the stand-alone application as the browser extensions have been rendered mostly useless.

1Password Version: 6.8 (680016)
Extension Version:
OS Version: OS-X, 10.12.6
Sync Type: Cloud (dropbox)
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    Hey @psalvitti -- sorry for the trouble; that can definitely be annoying. Would you please upgrade your install to the latest version (6.8.1), restart your Mac, and let us know if that resolves the problem? Thanks!

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