1 Password Login opens up constantly when in Safari no matter where my cursor is.

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I'm running 1PW 6.8.1 and the login extension 1 Password item seems to open up 1 PW constantly, no matter where I am moving my cursor/pointer whenever I have Safari open. This is rather annoying. How can I stop this behavior?

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  • JodyJody
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    Just to be clear this is the very top of the Mac screen where the login items are, and not the Safari extension for 1 PW.

  • LarsLars Junior Member

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    Hi @Jody

    I'm not entirely sure I understand your issue. You're clicking on the 1Password mini in your Mac's menubar, and that single click is opening the main 1Password application? Is that it?

  • Hi Lars, I'm not clicking on anything at all, but opening browser windows and moving my cursor around. What happens is the icon for 1 PW that resides at the very top of the iMac screen (not the browser extension) keeps opening up when I don't click on it. It happens at various times, and is not tied to any action I can tell - nearness of my pointer to the icon, etc. I've attached a screenshot of the login menu item for 1 PW I'm referring to.

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    Thanks for the clarification and the screenshot, @Jody -- what you sent is what should be displayed if/when you click on the 1Password mini in your menubar. But it shouldn't pop open unless invoked. Are you only moving your cursor? Or are you typing any keystrokes as well?

    The first thing I'd like you to try is to Quit 1Password and the Mini by typing ^⌥⌘Q (or just holding down the Control and Option keys as you choose Quit from the 1Password menu). The re-launch 1Password and the mini from your Applications folder or wherever else you usually launch it. See if the problem remains. If it does, try restarting your Mac and relaunching 1Password and check again. Let us know if you're still seeing the problem after all of that. Thanks!

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