How to lock 1Password after using it on iPad and I phone

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How do you lock one password after using it on iPad or I phone. I can lock it after using it on my mac, but I can't lock it on my iPad or iPhone. It locks eventually, but I need to lock it like I do on my mac

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  • Go to Settings->Security and click on "Lock Now".

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    Thanks for the question, @Lichenhearth1956 - and thanks for the answer, @learning_1pw! You're absolutely right -- but there's also a less tap-intensive way to do it for the future, so you don't have to keep going into Settings > Security every time you finish using 1Password on your iOS device.

    Namely, while you're in Settings > Security, turn on the "Lock on Exit" toggle-button, and while you're there, maybe also adjust the time-out when 1Password will auto-lock if left as the front-most application. These are left as user-adjustable settings, because it's a trade-off: tightening those settings will increase your security, but it will also cause you to have to decrypt your data more often, either by entering your Master Password or by using Touch ID. The choice is yours, however! :)

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