Feature Request: Remember "Generate Password" settings per field

Hi folks!

When I go to re-generate new passwords for a site, it remembers the last used generation settings, but I'd like it to remember the last used generation settings for that field rather then globally. It takes a bunch of effort to get the generator lined up for certain site requirements and having to re-try over and over again is really annoying. It'd be great if once I figure it out, it'll just re-use it when I re-generate.

Also, optionally, I'd like it per field, as certain logins I use have multiple "password" fields. I use a specific generation setting for secret answers for example and I'd like those to be a lot simpler then the password itself.

Thanks much for your time and consideration.

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    edited September 2017

    Heya, @kormoc! Thanks for taking the time to write this up and send it to us. You're not the first person to request it, and I have added your request to the list. It's a good idea for those who frequently find themselves faced with generating passwords with specific requirements!

    ref: OPM-1530

  • +1 for this feature request. Just about every web site out there has arbitrary and unique password requirements. Currently, every time I need a generate a new password I have to conduct a mini reverse engineering session of their password requirements. It would be immensely helpful if 1Password could remember the password formula for me.

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    Hi @slessard - thanks for adding your vote -- I've recorded it. :)

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