New favorites screen needs some VoiceOver attention

The new favorites screen in 1Password 6.9 is not entirely obvious from an accessibility standpoint.

  1. It is not obvious that you can tap (in the case of VoiceOver, double-tap) an item title to expand and collapse it. An AccessibilityHint that says something like „Double tap to reveal more details“ would be helpful. Additionally, perhaps the AccessibilityValue could be used to indicate if it is currently showing more details (expanded) or not (collapsed).

  2. Unless that initial hint is showing, it is not obvious that any item can just be tapped to be copied. An AccessibilityHint saying „Double-tap to copy“ would be good.

  3. Are items from this new Favorites screen draggable on iPad? If so, unlike in the item details screen, VoiceOver does not know about that fact in the Favorites. The AccessibilityDrag* properties should be implemented, as hinted in this year‘s WWDC Accessibility presentation. Again, in an item‘s details view, the user name, password, etc. Fields support drag and drop out of the box with VoiceOver, but the Favorites don‘t.



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  • ag_andrewag_andrew

    Team Member
    edited September 2017

    Hi @MarcoZ,

    Thanks so much for your feedback! You're right, there's a lot more we can add here to make the new Favorites screen easier for everyone to use.

    I've captured your suggestions in our issue tracker as {OPI-4171}. Stay tuned to the release notes so you'll know when we've address Accessibility for the Favorites screen.

    Thanks again and keep the feedback coming. Users like you make the app better for everyone!

    – Andrew

    ref: OPI-4171

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