Mac does not accept Master Password; iPhone does


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This discussion was created from comments split from: 1 password will not accept my secret key.


  • I have a similar issue. The Desktop not accepting master password now or prior to today’s update. But iPhone does recognize the master password. Trouble with desktop began later in the morning. Earlier it was working. I rebooted the iMac and still there was no joy.

    Can you help or must I dump everything and create a new account? If so, can I keep the old account on the iPhone and the iPad?

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    Hi @Oakview

    Sorry for the trouble! There are a few possibilities here. However, it appears one of my colleagues is helping you out via email already, so if you don't mind, that's probably the best place to continue, in case we need some information from you that shouldn't be on this public forum.

    ref: HXI-21559-944

  • Thank you, Lars. I am waiting to hear more from your colleague.

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    Sounds great! You're in very good hands with Laura. :-)

  • Having the same trouble on the Mac. Just returned from holiday and having turned the computer back on updated 1Password. Having downloaded the update I proceeded to input the Master password but it is not recognised. I got the prompt after three attempts so I know what the password is. I've tried all combinations of possibilities that I may have used ie. upper and lowercase as well as incorporating a number and spaces but no combination will work. I have all my licence codes from version 3 and all the upgrades. What should I do?

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    @fallingforstars -- sorry to hear things aren't working for you! The first thing I'd like you to do is reboot your Mac, and try again. Actually, the first thing I'd like you to do is try to calm down. Not that you sound panicky, but not being able to access one's data is certainly nerve-wracking, and I want to make sure you know your data is not gone. Your Master Password is never simply changed for no reason, either, so we just need to figure out what's not quite right here. Let me know if a reboot solves your problem. :)

  • Hi Lars

    Yes, that did it...after rebooting again it accepted my password. Thanks for the help.

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    @fallingforstars -- I'm glad to hear it! You would be surprised how often a reboot fixes things. That's why it's a tech support cliché; it works so much of the time. Let us know if the problem recurs or you need assistance with anything else. :)

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